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In order for people to use wheelchairs to their fullest extent they need to be able to use them wherever they want and whenever they want. Wheelchairs were designed to give freedom to people do not have the ability to walk around on their own.

Having to be stuck inside their home or having to be dependent on other people can be stifling and something many of us hate. Without the proper wheelchair supplies this freedom is still out of reach.


The most important necessity that anyone who owns a standard or lightweight wheelchair needs to use are wheelchair ramps. These are important because they enable the person to enter and leave their home whenever they need or want to. There are many different types of ramps to use that will allow the person access into a business, home, or even their car.

Anyone who needs a ramp for their home will be able to order a small ledge ramp. This sits on the stoop of the home where the step lies. It is not very big but is enough to allow the person to drive up and into the home on their own. However, it is small enough to not be noticed and will not bother other people.


Another useful supply are the every popular wheelchair lifts. These lifts are used to help people transport their wheelchairs from one place to another. There are two types of lifts that need to be used on trucks or vans only. The most popular sits on the back of a van or truck in which the chair will sit inside and be secured above the ground.

Another lift allow the person to drive onto it. At the flick of a button it will lift them inside of the van where they can sit the whole time during the ride. Both are useful to help transport chairs that are not able to be broken down.

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