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Window treatments are important and a necessity in any place that you live in. Most homes come with the standard white mini blinds. These are quite boring, lifeless, and extremely hard to clean. I can’t tell you how many hours I have spent trying to wipe the dust off of them while making no progress at all.

The home is the one place we can be ourselves – which is why we want it to reflect who we are and have everything perfect. There are many different types of window treatments that we can use. In order to learn what you will love the best you will need to compare them with each other.

Wood Blinds

Just because the standard mini blinds are boring doesn’t mean that the wood blinds are. One of the best types of these are basswood blinds. The difference between them is that they are more durable, thicker, and slightly easier to clean. You can purchase them in different colors and different types of woods. They help to give the home a more rustic look. However, they can still be a little hard to clean at times.


Shades are thin, flat sheets of material that is pulled down over the windows. The problem with these is that they can be quite boring, can only be used at night, and for some people are very hard to use. Pull too hard and you may find yourself pulling it off completely.


Curtains are great because they help to add more color to the home and even more privacy. The bottom of the layer can be sheer to allow just enough sunlight to add light to the room – but not enough to over heat it. Over this sheer curtain you can use pinch pleat drapes – which open easily during the daytime and close just as easily as night. They are thick so they provide you with the privacy you love.

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