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Having an aquarium in your home or your office can be a great conversation starter. With the right aquarium you can have some of the most exotic pets that people will ever get to see without having to go to Sea World. I have seen some aquariums that are so large that they have a variety of small sharks, starfish, shrimp, and many other types of fish that are bright and colorful.

The only thing that can detract from how beautiful and unique these tanks are is how filthy they can get. The larger the aquarium the more upkeep it requires. Your fish cannot swim and live in an environment that is constantly dirty and no one wants to look at that. In order to keep things clean you have to purchase a filter that will remove the waste and bacteria from the water.

Filters can only do so much though until they are completely full and are not able to hold anymore waste. So how do you clean a filter? This answer truly depends on the type of filter that you are using and how they work to clean the aquarium.

Many people will use chemical filters – which works to remove coloration and odors from the water. The best way to know when to remove a chemical filter when the color of the water is starting to darken and when there is a bad smell coming from the tank. It may be a whole month before this stops working efficiently.

Mechanical filters use sponges and pads. The more fish you have and the more waste there is the more often you will have to remove these sponges and clean them. It is best to rinse off the sponges twice a month with the aquarium water. This helps to make sure that the good bacteria are not wholly removed from the tank.

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