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There are many versions told to people who are interested in the history of kickboxing and how it first received its start. Each one is different in their own way – but they are all alike when they speak of the ingenuity of the sport and how popular it has become.

In order to know how it began you first have to understand what it is. Kickboxing is a type of martial art sport that is unique in its own way and is almost like a mixture of other kinds. However, it has not combined things together to the extent that MMA has. Over the years it has become one of the most widely known martial art sport in which people from all around the world compete in.

Kickboxing was believed to be created by a man by the name of Osamu Noguchi. He created it in his home country – Japan and taught it to his students and anyone who would learn. In Japan it grew in popularity – but people in the United States would not take it seriously till sometime during the 1970’s.

During this time many martial art schools were angry by the rules and restrictions placed upon the competitions that they held. These reduced the amount and type of contact that people were able to use and thus made them less interesting to people and less useful. In order to get by these rules they decided to take on a new sport – kickboxing.

However, the sanctioning bodies still felt that kickboxing – though ingenious as it was – might still be too much contact then they would hope. But instead of changing all of the rules in the sport they chose to create special protective gear that the fighter could wear. This gear includes special kickboxing gloves, boots, and shorts.

Now professional kickboxing has spread throughout the whole world and children and adults alike have grown to love it. They believe that it is a great form of exercise as well as a way to enhance their self defense skills.

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