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Many women are on birth control so that they can have the relationship they want with their partner without the risk of starting a family to early. They and their partner have the desire to wait till they are financially stable, have a better living situation, or have even spent more time together.

On the other hand you have some women who wish to wait – but are too frightened to go on any form of birth control. There are dozens of different methods to use and all of them have serious side effects in fine print that you have to worry about. These side effects include strokes, heart attack, blood clots, weight gain, and bleeding. Some of these seem harmless while others of these are more dangerous.

It is important that women ask their doctors and even other women about the different side effects and how they can be treated. We have provided a few answers to some of the more common birth control questions – but we still advise that you seek medical assistance before making any final decisions.

No Periods

It is possible that some women will notice that their menstrual cycle has stopped completely after taking all of the necessary pills that were prescribed to them. However, you may still want to take a pregnancy test to make sure. There are some forms of birth control that will normally stop your periods especially during the first year. This is very common – but it can confuse women into thinking they are pregnant.

Irregular Bleeding Or Spotting

Women who are first time users of the birth control pill will usually experience spotting or irregular bleeding about halfway through their cycle. If you wish this to stop you can increase the amount you take. In some cases it may be a sign that they are not working like they should. If so then you may want to consider a different form.

Weight Gain

This is probably one of the most common side effects of birth control and one that women hate the most. This is caused by the amount of hormones that your body is trying to absorb. It is causing your appetite to increase and you may gain around 5 o 10 pounds during the first year. The weight should come off easily when you come off the birth control.

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