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If someone you love has lost the ability to easily move around in their home, a mobility scooter could really change their life. A mobility scooter, because of their agility, are often recommended for using inside the home, especially three wheelers. Obviously many brands are available, targeted towards the special requirements of our impaired, it is important to understand the fundamental differences between them.

Even though many gas powered scooters are still made, the bulk of mobility scooters are powered by electricity. A battery or more is stored aboard the scooter and is re-charged courtesy a battery charger with regular electrical power. An electric mobility scooter requires frequent recharging, hence you must have easy access to electricity. When you’re charging your batteries outside, a surge protector is an ideal safety precaution.

Foldable, or travel scooters are ideal for moving about while at the mall or shopping. Foldable units were manufactured for easy disassembly and put back together in just a few minutes. Once it been disassembled it will be easily placed in the back of your car. This is really good for active people traveling. These portable units are kept in your car’s trunk or even mounted in back of your vehicle using a liftgate to take with you on trips.

While mobility scooters allow for a similar mobility to wheelchairs, but are considerably smoother to handle via the scooter’s front steering tiller. Typically these scooters are constructed utilizing three or four wheelsthough it depends on it’s purpose. While all mobility scooters are great during inside or out of home movements, for a multitude of reasonsthree wheeled units are considerably more agile – although it’s at the cost of additional carrying ability and stability.

Young and old will benefit from the ease of use and personal freedom associated being free from the immobility induced by disablements. In the end, mobility scooters provide the independence everyone deserves, isn’t it time you reclaimed your independance?

2 Responses to “Mobility Scooters Provide Freedom and Independence”

  1. I dont have any mobility problems – but if you ever get a chance to ride one of these. You might find yourself in one more often than necessary. I had an extra mobility scooter lying aroung and I drove it to the gas station all the time.

    Posted by: Mike West on on March 5th, 2009 at 5:48 pm.
  2. My grandmother is talking about getting a mobility scooters as soon as the next round of stemuless checks go out.

    Posted by: Scott on on March 5th, 2009 at 7:11 pm.