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There are several different razors that use can use to shave with. From straight razors, multi blade razors, and electric razors. The most conventional method is the common day multi blade. They say that the advantages of a multi blade razor is that they are safer, easier to use, get a faster shave, and they are inexpensive.

These advantages may seem very apparent at first. But do these advantages really beat out the old day straight razor. Safety is very important when it comes to sharp objects. Yes – a straight razor is much sharper than any other razor you might be using and should never be left where someone other than you could get to it.

But if you are worried about cutting your self when shaving with a straight razor. Of course you will but just like when you first started shaving with a regular blade you cut yourself. As soon as get the hang of using one its not that big of an issue.

When it comes to being easier to use and faster – a straight blade shave is closer, cleaner, and longer lasting. Many say that you can’t rush through a shave when shaving with a straight razor and this is definitely true. Your not going to get a one minute shave with a straight razor. But a seasoned user can shave in about five minutes. The better shave is really worth a few extra minutes in the morning.

The biggest concern for most is cost. A multi blade is only $20 and a straight razor is anywhere from $99 to $1000 dollars. For most of us spending five hundred dollars on a razor is absurd. Many may not know that a straight razor with proper care will last a life time. But keep this in mind – multi blade refills cost about fifteen dollars. Over a life time of blade refills vs. a one time investment of $100 or more. Straight razors are definitely cheaper long term.

At this point you have to ask yourself – is multi blade shaving better than straight razor shaving? It really depends on you. If you have time to practice and learn how to shave with a straight razor. Then yes I believe straight razor shaving may be for you. But if you don’t have time in the morning to learn than stick with your multi blade or electric razor.

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