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When you are building your own home or even remodeling yours there are many things you have to consider. One of the essential parts are the floors that you would like to have in your home. As we all know after walking the endless aisles at Home Depot there are tons to choose from.

Carpet is usually our first choice – but imagine how hard it is to maintain this. Those who have children or are naturally clumsy will constantly be doing everything in their power to remove the endless amount of stains that seem to appear out of nowhere. Steam cleaning help – but it will only go so far before you have to replace them after only a few years.

Laminate flooring is another common choice. It is quite affordable and enables you to have the look of hardwood, tiles, stone, and other kinds of flooring without having to pay the high price for them. These are very easy to maintain and install. They are also easy to remove and replace when you feel like something new.

Hardwood flooring is a popular choice – but so few actually use it because it is so expensive. Using real hardwood is great because it makes the floors durable – but at the same time any damage could ruin the look of the floors. Heat and water are the weakness to this type of floor and any little bit of it can ruin everything you worked hard for.

Those who want the look of the hardwood floors – but don’t want to pay the price for it can always use engineered hardwood flooring. This type of flooring is more closer to real hardwood floors rather then laminate wood flooring. It is built several core layers of plywood, hardwood, or high density fiber that makes it sturdy, durable, and long lasting.

One Response to “Common Types Of Flooring”

  1. Hard wood flooring tends to be less popular not only because of the cost, but also because its harder to install.

    The most popular floors tend to be more expensive laminates and mid price engineered flooring

    Posted by: Engineered Flooring on on October 11th, 2010 at 3:34 pm.