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For men shaving is a right of passage. During their mid-teens you can often see them shaving even if there is nothing there. Perhaps they do this in the hopes that it will stimulate the hair follicles. Or maybe they just like to practice on their faces for when the time actually comes.

Shaving is an art form that will only work right if you do it properly. There are even a few grown men who still do not have it down to an exact science. They find themselves leaving stray hairs behind or nicking themselves every single time. With the right instructions we can teach you how to shave.

  • You need to wet your face with warm water in order to soften up the hair and open up the pores on your face. By doing this you can guarantee yourself a close shave that is sure to give you the desired results. To make things easier you can shave while in the shower or right when you get out.
  • Place a dollop of shaving cream into your hand and smooth it evenly all over your face, chin, and neck.
  • Start shaving the sides of your face first. Make sure to shave in smooth, slow, and short strokes in the direction that the hair is growing. Be gentle – you want to cut the hair not your skin. After each stroke remember to rinse your blade off to prevent the cream and hair from sticking to it.
  • After you have finished this part of your face you can move to the harder areas. To make getting them a bit easier you can stretch your skin taut.
  • Once you have finished shaving every area of your face you can rinse it with cold water. Put on some aftershave – but make sure that it does not have alcohol in it. This can irritate the skin and dry it out.

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