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A hiatal hernia is considered by health experts to be an anatomical abnormality. This abnormality causes sections of the stomach to push through the person’s diaphragm and up through the chest. These are one of the rarest forms of hernias that a person can have.

According to health research close to half of the people who suffer from these types of hernias will have not symptoms. The other half of people that do have hiatal hernia symptoms will experience heartburn more then anything else. This can be a painful symptom – which can be avoided if the person was to eat the right foods that would help to control it.

The opening in the diaphragm where the esophagus that is linked to the stomach is considered to be an added sphincter that is located under the lower section of the esophagus. In normal patients with no problems the hiatus as well as the lower sphincter of the esophageal will line up next to each other. They work together to keep the contents in the stomach from traveling back up the esophagus.

However, the hiatal hernia will weaken that connection and eventually will cause the acid reflux problems. Many people can confuse a hiatal hernia with GERD because both problems can cause acid reflux.

Eating Tips

  • Do not eat anything two hours before you go to bed
  • Try to eat smaller meal more often throughout the day
  • After you eat sit up for around one hour
  • Do not bend over right after eating a meal
  • Stay away from alcohol
  • Stay away from food that can cause acid reflux

It is true that there are many foods – which can cause the acid reflux. These need to be avoided as best you can and replaced with something healthier for your body. You should speak with your doctor to learn what foods are best to eat and what to avoid. They will provide you with a full list and help you to make the healthiest hiatal hernia diet for your body.

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