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For years people have been trying to find ways of saving the money they make. No one likes to have to spend money on bills or necessities like gas. But they are necessary and therefore we are willing to spend $2 a gallon to make sure that we have a ride to work every day.

But soon that may all come to an end. Biodiesel fuel is becoming ever more popular as people are learning and discovering the advantages it has for not only our wallets – but also the environment around us. This is a non petroleum based fuel that is made up of alkyl esters.

The fuel is produced when it is chemically reacted to lipids. The lipids used to make it are usually vegetable oil, animal fat, and alcohol. It has the ability to be used alone or in an unmodified diesel engine car. The reason that this is cheaper then the petroleum that we use today is because it used natural ingredients.

Petroleum has to be literally mined for and we do it in a country that is thousands of miles away. Instead of drilling for oil in our own country we are force to take it from another. This requires heavy tools and man power to mine it and send it back to the states for people to use. It is no wonder that we have to pay so much for it.

The emissions that are sent into the atmosphere that come from running a car that runs on petroleum are literally hurting the environment and creating pollution in the air. It is steadily becoming a danger to everyone and many people believe it is responsible for global warming.

Biodiesel fuel on the other hand is an all natural type of fuel that is easy to make, more affordable, and burns cleaner into the air. Many people have even found it possible to make biodisel in their own backyards with the proper equipment and instructions.

The hopes of most of us is that petroleum will slowly fade out of the picture and we will be given the chance to use Biodiesel in its place. Already more and more cars are able to run on it with no problems and they can go farther on a tank of it.

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