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Pocket bikes are becoming all the rage and as summer approaches that trend will reach all new heights. Everyone is ready to enjoy their summer and find something new and exciting to add to their life. Racing or even just playing around on these smaller bikes are a great way to do this and the best thing is you can stay in your neighborhood.

If you have never before owned a pocket bike or have never driven one then there are important key points to remember. You need to be made aware of the safety rules that are involved as well as the laws that you will have to abide by. These have been created to keep people safe.


Before purchasing a bike make sure that you can even use it in your city. Each state and often times each city have created special laws for people who own these bikes. They may be small and seem harmless – but they are still motorized vehicles and as such need to have certain guidelines which must be followed to the letter. You can learn about the pocket bike laws in your area by contacting your local police department or DMV.

Safety Rules

Pocket bike safety is very important especially if you are going to let your teenagers have a go on it. It is recognized that children under the age of twelve should never ride these and any children that are older should be supervised. This will help to prevent any accidents.

The most important rule to follow in the safety handbook is to purchase the necessary safety gear. This gear includes helmets, gloves, and all the things you would usually wear when riding your bicycle or a motorcycle. This protects you in case of an accident or if you fall off for any reason.

Breaking New Ones In

Every new pocket bike has to go through a transition that has been dubbed the ‘breaking-in process’. During this process you are preparing the engine and letting it adjust to being used. This does not need to be done with used models – but only ones that are new. Your manufacturer can give you step by step instructions on how to perform this process.

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