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As soon as the warm weather appears many of us are willing to take off the winter boots and replace it with the only pair of shoes that can make us look our best during the warm months – sandals. All winter long our feet have been dormant and in hiding from the winter chill in the hopes of keeping them from becoming dry and cracked.

Now that the warm weather has arrived we can hit the stores and start the hunt for the perfect pair of sandals that we will wear almost every day. As we are well aware of there are literally dozens of different types of sandals to choose from. This makes deciding on just one more difficult for us. But there is a way and eventually we have to choose.

One of the things to consider is what style would look best on your feet and be able to show off your perfect pedicure that you just had done. As we all should know by now it is horrible to wear any type of sandal or open toed shoe if our toenails are not painted or decorated in anyway.

Look at the different styles and try to determine what would fit your life style better. Should you choose the heel or no heel? What material should it be made out of? Should you go with the thong type look or the strap that lies over the front of the foot? Should it have a back or not? There are dozens of questions that should be answered – but only you have them.

This all determined on personal style. Find something that shows off your style perfectly – but also keep some other things in mind. It is important that you choose something that will work with a variety of outfits that you own. Unless of course you are buying more then one pair. Still both of them should be able to work with your outfits so make sure you also choose a good color.

Another thing to consider is how comfortable they are. It can be hard to find a sandal that is uncomfortable – but it is not impossible. Try each shoe on that you are considering and walk around the store for a minute or two and see how your feet feel. If you think that they will work then you might have found the perfect pair.

One pair of sandals that you should always own are the flip-flops. I know that many think that these a fashion don’t – but in reality they come in handy and you can see me wearing them every summer. One of the best things about owning these is that they can look very stylish with the right outfit. Throw on a pair of jeans, cute top, and flip flops and you have the perfect relaxed look. They are also the only pair that should be brought to the beach.

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