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Snoring is something that we see in many adults – but it can occur in children as well. Often times people will listen to their children snoring and find it funny or even cute. But what they do not understand is that there may be underlying problems that could be caused by the snoring or that could be causing it.

There are three things that could be causing children to snore. It is possible that the child has a small airway or jaw. It is possible that the nerves or muscles that control the muscles are not working right while they are sleeping and are not opening the airway properly. Also the child could have enlarged adenoids or tonsils.

Parents should learn to be wary if their children are snoring because it is often disrupt their sleeping patterns. When this happens they will be exhausted throughout the day – which can affect their lives. They will start to do poorly in school because they cannot concentrate and be very irritable.

Most people think that snoring problems are different between adults and children – but they are very similar. When they both snore it is caused by the vibrations of the air that is being passed through the upper portion of the airway. While it is just a loud noise that can be hard it is a sign that the upper airway is meeting resistance and not enough air is getting through.

While a person sleeps the muscles are supposed to relax to allow the airway to open up more and the air to pass through easily. People need the same amount of air no matter how small or large the airway is. When a person snores it could mean that the suffer from sleep apnea or upper airway resistance syndrome.

It is important to speak to your doctor and them examine your child. They can determine the best course of action and if the child will need to wear a snoring mouthpiece or use some other form of treatment.

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