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During the pregnancy the woman is ecstatic to be carrying their future child. They savor every moment that child kicks or moves an inch. It is also something that they can share closely with their husband. The woman usually has nothing to worry about during this time – but doubts start to appear as the due date draws near.

In the last trimester the mother has to decide whether or not she would like to have a natural childbirth or not. Natural childbirth means that the mother will give birth without the help of any type of pain killers or medicines. Most women opt for an epidural – which is administered to them during the hours before they are to give birth.

Some women prefer natural childbirth because they do not want to risk anything that has the potential to harm the child. Instead they will work through the childbirth pain to ensure that their baby is safe and receives the best care. But this does not mean that there are not methods of reducing the pain.

Just Breathe

One of the best ways to help you work through the pain is to learn the proper breathing techniques. During those extremely painful contractions take in quick short breaths to try to control your breathing and to reduce the pain. Concentrate on breathing right and it may help to distract your mind from the pain.

Relaxing Music

Most women find that soft music helps to relax their bodies and take their mind off the pain. Pick out something that you love and maybe even something that has words to it. During a contraction you can try to sing the words to the song in your head.

Relax Your Body

One of the best tips I ever received when I was pregnant was to relax my whole body. The nurse told me that when a contraction hits your body your first instinct is to tense every muscle – which can increase the pain. Relax your entire body and let it go slack. The pain will be reduced and you can let your mind dwell on other things.

Stuffed Animals

Another great technique that most women love is to bring a small stuffed animal in which they can take all of the pain out on. When the contraction hits squeeze the animal with your hand. This is similar to that of a stress ball.


One of the most important things you can do to distract yourself from the pain is to focus on your baby and how you can’t wait to see them. When it is time to push don’t focus on the pain of pushing – but rather on how you can’t wait to see them. This may make you want to push faster and harder. Having this in your mind will get them out in record time and before you know it the whole thing will be over.

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