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Stretch marks is a skin condition that no one wants to have – but so many of us do. It is considered above all else to be a blemish rather then just a condition because there are so many causes of it and it seems to strike when we least expect it or want it. While this condition is more common in women it is possible for men to be affected by it as well.

These marks will appear on parts of the skin that have been stretched farther then is normal. Teenagers who have sudden growth spurts and people who gain or lose an excessive amount of weight in a short period of time are often the ones to be affected the most.

Anyone who has these marks will do what they can to find any means of getting rid of them. Obviously there are dozens of products on the market that promise to either reduce or diminish the look of the stretch marks – which could be on your legs, butt, arms, breasts, or stomach.

Some of the more common stretch mark treatments are in the forms of creams and lotions. It is important to understand that not every cream on the market will help even though it claims to. Like with everything we buy it is a trial and error process and a process of learning and discovering exactly what will help to improve our bodies. The best place to start is to know what the main ingredients should be.

Many of the stretch mark creams on the market are made up of cocoa butter, Vitamins A, and E. All of these ingredients have been scientifically proven to improve the condition of a person’s skin. This includes the health of it and the look of it.

Cocoa butter especially will help to hydrate the skin – which will in turn improve the elasticity. This is one of the best things to have when trying to prevent stretch marks from appearing at all. Many women who are pregnant will use cocoa butter every night on their stomach to prevent them from appearing. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that will protect and nourish your skin. While Vitamin A is an antioxidant that improves the health of the skin.

Prescription stretch mark creams are considered to be more powerful. They are made up of a larger amount of Vitamin A derivatives – which are considered to be more powerful then what is found in the common creams. These are usually used for people who have stretch marks and are trying to reduce the look of them.

One ingredient that many manufacturers are putting in their creams is shea butter. This ingredient is proven to increase cell regeneration as well as the circulation of the blood. Not only will this help to diminish the look of the marks – but it will also protect your skin from the sun’s rays.

And last but not least you can find alpha-hydroxy acids. This ingredient can be found in plants and are sometimes called fruit acids. AHA’s help to increase the cell regeneration of the skin. It works so well that some people have actually complained of dry and flaky skin caused by it. This dry skin is just the excess dead skin being removed from your skin.

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