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There are many things in this world that we will eat even though we know it is bad for us. Most of us will not judge these foods or label them as anything – but slightly unhealthy. But when it comes to the foods that are usually labeled by most to be extremely ‘healthy’ for us then we examine them closely and try to find fault with them.

Coconut oil is one such healthy food that people are trying to determine whether or not it is really healthy for them. This is one type of food that was not well known among people until recently. This is mainly due to the popularity of its uses in the celebrity industry. While there are quite a few people who believe that the health benefits of coconut oil are many there are even more who believe there are more disadvantages.

We agree and will state that nothing is perfect – but without flaws how are we to judge it against others of its kind to see how much better it is? When doubt arises it is time to weigh the advantages against the disadvantages. To see on both sides you will be able to determine more accurately whether or not it is something that will improve your health.

Too Much Saturated Fat

One of the biggest problems that has been associated with coconut oil is the amount of saturated fat that it contains. Not all fats that we consume are bad for us and it is true that we all need a certain amount of fat in our diet in order to be healthy.

However, saturated fat is something that everyone is warned to stay away from. This is because it can increase cholesterol – which increases the risk of heart disease. Yet, there are still some studies that show how necessary and positive it is to consume saturated fat. Like everything else you need to eat it in moderation.

Great For Immune System

One of the biggest advantages of coconut oil is its ability to increase the immune system. Studies show that it has certain natural antibiotics that can fight off certain viruses and bacteria. Our bodies will find the antibodies within the oil and will use it for its benefit. This is the same process for babies when drinking breast milk.

Not FDA Approved

Despite any hopes there are that it can bolster our immune system the FDA has not been able to or will not study the benefits of coconut oil into great lengths. Without the approval from the FDA many people will automatically assume that this oil has no natural benefits in any way or form. The decision is up to you.

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