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There are many people who are older that have difficulty doing the most basic things. At one time in their lives they were able to walk, drive, and do ordinary things. But as they grew older they began to feel the effects of old age and the problems associated with it. One of the biggest problems is arthritis.

Arthritis has a way of creeping up when we least expect it. For some people it can be mild and for other much more severe. Those with the severe kind will have trouble using their joints and need help and assistance with the things they need to do.

That is why a variety of disabled lifts were created. These lifts were made to help those people who could not walk or do things on their own without a bit of help. One of the most useful of these is the bath lift.

The bath lift is a simple tool that is used inside of the bathroom to aid the person when they need to have a bath. It has a chair that is held up by a machine – which is powered by water. No electricity is involved in this lift so as to ensure that no one is electrocuted or harmed in any way.

The chair is able to swivel and lock in place allowing the person to sit down easily. A person weighing up to 300 pounds is able to use this easily. A seat belt is used to keep them in place and a simple switch will lower the seat into the water and back out when they are finished.

A bath lift is considered to be very durable and strong thanks to the use of the PVC and aluminum that is used to build it. It is still lightweight though making it easy to move to different rooms or homes.

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