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A woman usually has two obsessions – shoes and purses. These are two things that I and many of the people I know have recently come to truly love. We were late bloomers and we swore that it was something we would never care about – but our womanly instincts won out and overcame our better judgment.

But it isn’t such a dreadful thing. After all a women needs to have the necessary variety of handbags to match the different occasions and situations that she will be placed in. Men do not understand this obsession and are often left in confusion at the idea of needing two, four, or even six different handbags. But this is because they do not understand the advantages of owning the right one.

‘Hold Everything Possible’ Handbag

All men need when they leave the house are there wallets and their keys. It is very simple and very easy for them to go into stores and to work. On the other hand a woman needs their wallet, checkbook, pens, make-up, cell phone, sunglasses, and keys. This is quite a lot of things and when you think of all the make-up she needs that amount is dramatically increased. It is no wonder that some purses are so big that they look like they could fit a bowling ball. But who knows when you might need that too!

Compact Handbag

When a woman does not feel like grabbing everything under the sun she will usually stick to the everyday compact handbag. These are much smaller and are able to hold only the necessities. However, she may need a few of these types of handbags in order to match many of the outfits that she owns. After all she has to look trendy at all times!

Evening Wear Handbag

And last but not least you have the evening wear handbags. These handbags will be the nicest ones she owns – but the good thing is she may only need one. After all these special outings can be few and far between and are made to match any dress she owns. However, because it is for very nice occasions, expect her to spend a good deal of money on it. She may opt for a Gucci handbag or she might settle for the classy Coach handbag. This all depends on her sense of style.

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