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Birth control is something that usually falls on the woman. This is because she has more options to choose from when the desire is to be careful and to wait. The woman can use the pill, the shot, the patch, the ring, and so much more.

For men there is only three forms of birth control; condoms, withdrawal, and a vasectomy. Condoms is the most commonly used because for a man they are more reliable than withdrawal and less frightening then a vasectomy.

But a vasectomy is not completely out of the question. More and more older men are contemplating this idea. They have already had a few children and they would love to enjoy their time with their wife without anymore little ones running around. A vasectomy is a surgical procedure that cuts away the vasa deferentia. Cutting this prevents the sperm from traveling to the seminal stream.

A vasectomy is an easier and less expensive method when comparing it to a hysterectomy in a woman. During the most simplest form of this procedure the surgeon will make two small cuts at the scrotum – which will allow them to see the vas deferens. These are cut and sealed through stitches.

The recovery time for this procedure is usually two to five days though people are trying to find new ways of reducing this time. There is a form of no scalpel vasectomy during which a hemostat is used in place of a scalpel.

Once the vasectomy has been performed the testes will be left in the scrotum where the Leydig cells will be able to still produce testosterone and other of the necessary hormones that a man needs. However, the sperm will no longer be able to leave the body by way of the penis even though the testicles will continue to produce them. Instead the body will break them down and absorb them.

Many times this type of male birth control will only cost between $500 to $1,000 to complete. It can be done within the doctor’s office and usually only take a couple of days to heal. The doctor will set up a follow up visit in which they will test to see if the sperm is being contained properly and all of the extra sperm has been removed from your body.

Before your follow up visit it is recommended that you refrain from intercourse because of the sperm that may still be left through the man’s penis. Otherwise you may find that you have another baby surprise!

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