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At a young age we take advantage of the ability we have to run, jump, and do all sorts of things when we are having fun. But as we grow older we realize just how fragile our bodies are becoming and we begin to grow weary of feeling old. One of the biggest medical problems that the majority of us will experience is arthritis.

This medical problem can be crippling to certain people depending on the type of arthritis they have. One problem that it can cause is mobility. Having a certain type of arthritis can place pressure on your feet and legs and keep you from moving around even in your own home.

People who have two story homes find this mobility problem difficult and hard to deal with. They are not sure exactly what they should do if they cannot even walk to their bedroom or downstairs to their kitchen. What most don’t know is that this problem can be solved easily with the help of a stair glide.

A stair glide is a motorized chair that runs along the side of your staircase. The chair is attached to and runs along a rail that is installed to run the whole length of the staircase and nothing more. The user can control the chair’s movements through the use of a joystick that is on the arm of the chair.

There are two types of glides that include the curved and straight. Straight glides can only be used on staircases that run straight up and down. These are the most affordable and the easiest to install they can also be transported to different homes.

Curved straight glides can only be used on staircases that have curves and bends. They are also the more expensive because they have to be custom fitted to fit the staircase. Because of this they cannot be relocated and must stay in the home that it was installed in.

There are many companies that can sell both straight and curved stair glides that will have the features that you need to get around in your home. They will even install the necessary equipment into your home.

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