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Water our most precious resource. We use water for everything from – cooking, bathing, swimming, recreation, drinking, cleaning, your lawn, our eco system, when it comes down to it let just say living. I am not quit sure if at all – if something happen and we had no water left if there would be any possible solutions.

Keeping this in mind now that you know how important water is. You may find it interesting or even scary to know how little of your water especially the water sent into your home is clean and pure.

It is almost common knowledge that the water standards in America are falling. But many out there mar not know why. The biggest factors that contribute to America’s declining water standards are the inadequate and out dated water supply infrastructure for America, industrial chemical waste, and our growing population needing more water every day.

So the best way to handle this problem is to take matters in to your own hands and make sure that your are filtering your water at the point of use by using a refrigerator water filter, a filter attachment at your faucet, under the counter water filter, or even portable sports bottle water filters. All of these used either by themselves or in combination will help insure that you are getting clean pure safe great tasting water.

For most of us the Brita refrigerator water filter is at best or most convenient option out of the above mentioned. Due to the fact most of us just go to the fridge any way to get our drinking water and ice from the fridge door and it will be in reach for cooking uses.

In closing if you think tap water will be fine for now. Let me tell you what I read in an article earlier today on the web. The article that I read by another user said that some of the water in America is recycled – that’s what I said recycled – thats toilet water today drinking water later.

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