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Some of us never know that we snore until we get married. It is then that our spouse wakes up one morning in a grouchy mood and mad at us because we kept them up all night long. Snoring is not usually hard on the person who is doing it because they often don’t know they are. But it can keep the other person from sleeping.

There are tons of products on the market that claim to cure snoring or to at least stop them from doing it every single night. But do these really work? Some of use are not willing to waste the money on something that may not even work for us. The best way to stop this is through the use of natural snoring remedies.

Sleeping Position

The first thing you should try is to sleep in a different position than what you are used to. Most people snore because their tongue, palate, uvula, and the muscles located in the back of their throat are rubbing against each other. This usually occurs because the person is lying on their back and the tongue is falling to the back of the mouth and partially blocking the airway.

Laying on your side is a great way to put a stop to this and hopefully stop the snoring. You can also try to elevate your head by using another pillow. This is not a cure for everyone though. Some people’s bodies are able to snore despite this method.

Lose Weight

People who are overweight have a large amount of neck tissue that could increase the chance for them to snore. If this is the cause of the problem than losing weight is the easiest and healthiest remedy for you. Losing as little as 10% of your body weight will go a long way.


Drinking large amounts of alcohol or taking sedatives before you sleep can suppress your breathing and cause snoring. If this is the cause than the easy to fix this is to cut back or cut them both out altogether.

Breathe In Steam

Nasal congestion is a big factor of snoring. Many people who are not known for snoring will do it because they are sick and their nose is congested. The best way to reduce the congestion is to inhale steam through your nose.

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