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Poison ivy is something that we try to teach our children to stay away from. When we go camping or walking through the woods we remind them to keep an eye out for them to avoid any potential rashes that come from them. Unfortunately some of us have to deal with it being in our gardens or yards. When this happens we do what we can to remove them.

Take care to recognize poison ivy as soon as possible. There are many different methods that can be used to remove poison ivy from your yard or garden. These are safe methods and will help to keep it from growing back in your yard. Remember to wear protective clothing and gloves as you might have to handle them.

From The Bottom Up

In order to remove it completely and keep it from growing back you have to pull it out from what is latching it to the ground – the roots. There are many ways in which you can remove the roots and kill them – but it must start there. If you leave even a few roots in the ground they can spread and re-grow. The roots that you remove must be placed in a sealed garbage bag along with the rest of the plant.

Cover It

Trim the leaves and stems that are above the ground and use newspaper, cardboard, mulch, or tarp to cover the entire area. If you leave it on long enough the plant will be unable to grow. After that time period remove the parts of the plant that are left behind (don’t forget the roots) and throw in a garbage bag.


You can kill the plant and keep it from growing by using herbicides. After the herbicide has effectively killed the poison ivy you can remove it from the ground and remove the root system. However, you must be careful when using these products because they are made with harmful chemicals. You must wear safety goggles, breathing mask, and make sure to cover every inch of skin. Pets and children should be inside when using it.

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