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Dogs may be a man’s best friend – but shoes are a woman’s. They are easy to take care of and even easier to enjoy because they help to complete the look of the outfit that we are wearing. It is not always clear when a woman truly enjoys to love the shoes she wears – but eventually it will happen.

For some the obsession begins at the tender age of two. I say this as I watch my daughter go to every shoe that sits on our doorstep trying to choose the pair she will try on today. Already she has good taste as she picks up the most expensive and trendiest shoes of the bunch – my high fashion heels.

Trying to find a pair of shoes that we love is easy – but trying to find one that is comfortable and love at the same time is sometimes a combination that is not. When I was younger I used to buy shoes in a style that I loved without trying them on first. I wouldn’t have the time to do this and I figured that as long as it was in my size I was good to go. This is a mistake that I have learned the hard way.

Many of us do that and the majority of us end up with shoes that may look great on our feet – but after wearing them for five minutes we begin to understand that they were not meant for our feet. Naturally these cute – but painful shoes ‘mysteriously’ disappear. There are many important tips that we can give you – which will make finding the right pair of shoes much easier. The best way to find them is to try shoes on the right way. There is a method to this that many of us do not know about.

First off you need to make sure that when you go to try on shoes you wear the right socks or stockings. If you are shopping for boots for the winter or even sneakers than you need to wear socks. If you are trying on heels to wear for work than you want to wear any tights or stockings that you would usually wear. There will be quite a difference when you actually wear the shoe and a sock or tights can make the difference in the room you will need.

It is better to try on a pair of shoes during the end of the day. Some women find that when they walk around a lot at work their feet will swell. You want your shoes to be able to compensate for this instead of trying to squeeze the life out of your feet at the end of the day.

Some people have a foot that is larger than the other. Studies show that the larger one is usually on the opposite side of the hand that the person write with. I am right handed so my larger foot would be my left foot. The very first shoe that you try on should be on this foot. If it fits on this foot than it should be perfect for the other.

A test run is always needed when trying on any new pair of shoes. You have to make sure that it is going to work for your feet and you can wear it for more than five minutes before you start to feel the burn. Place the shoes on your feet and walk around for a little bit. Make sure that you have room in the front and can move your toes around.

If the shoe is even a little too tight – put it back! Unlike jeans we can’t stretch the designer shoes to fit our feet. If they are snug than that means they fit like a glove. Tight means that when your feet begin to swell you will be forcing them off your feet. You can’t enjoy your them when you’re not wearing them.

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