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Rifle scopes are essential to riflemen who need to see their targets from far away distances. When buying a new scope you have to be able to align it so that it will work properly. Mounting the scope to the rifle for the first time will cause it to be ‘bore sighted’ or in some cases not sighted at all.

You need to be able to zero the rifle when you take it to the firing range. This will ensure that at a far away distance the bullet will land on the X where the scope is being aimed at. However, there may be a few external elements that could affect the trajectory of the bullet which include wind or changes in elevation. It is best to zero them at 100 yards.

When aligning the rifle scope you need to know how far the bullet will have to travel before it hit’s the desired target. Once you have determined this you will have the ability to adjust the scope. This is possibly the easiest method to use when aligning the scope – but it is not the only way.

There are some scopes that are equipped with elevation and windage knobs that can be turned to help fix any problems. The elevation will impact the point of impact vertically for the bullet and can usually be found on the top. The windage will impact the point of impact horizontally and is located on the right side.

Certain scopes are equipped with ballistiplex or mil-dot reticle that will give the rifleman to line up their target easier when at a further distance than the appropriate 100 yard zero point. You can use a chart that will show the bullet’s caliper, velocity, and weight at which the shooter will need to line up the reticle. The caliber and weight are simple to line up – but the velocity is much harder. You may have to create your own chart if you want it to be accurate and to work perfectly.

With these helpful tips you can learn how to use rifle scopes. All you need to do before this is to find the best rifle scope that will work well with your weapon and the method in which you use it. There are dozens of different scopes that are used in different ways and for different reasons.

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