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Most people love to drive motorcycles because of the freedom that it gives them while on the open road. I have seen many motorcyclists drive at much higher speeds than cars and some are daring enough to drive in between them. Whether they are showing off or trying to beat traffic is something I never found out as he passed quickly out of my line of vision.

Driving like this can be exhilarating and dangerous. A little too dangerous for many of our tastes. But who says that we can’t have a little bit of fun in something a bit more safer? Pocket bikes are miniature sized motorcycles. They look just like them and even have some of the same features including; headlights, turning signals, and many more things. There are quite a few different types of pocket bikes that you can choose from.

Mini Pocket Bikes

Mini pocket bikes are some of the more affordable types of pocket bikes that are great for you and your children. They are built with several safety features and low speeds that make these safe for your children to drive around on. Though we don’t recommend that they take the onto the road. In fact many states prohibit this of any type of pocket bike because they are small and hard to see.

Mini pocket bikes were designed for pure pleasure and often look like a smaller size of the motorcycle street bikes. They are equipped with racing tires, alloy frame, disk brakes, and a twist grip acceleration. These bikes will have either a gas or electric engine.

Electric Pocket Bikes

The electric pocket bikes were some of the first types of pocket bikes that were first made in Japan. In this country they were designed purely for racing – which is what made them popular in the first place. Their popularity of racing in large groups spread to other parts of the world.

These types of pocket bikes are also built with distinct safety features that makes them great for your children to use. They are obviously excellent for anyone who wants to start their own racing league or if you simply want to perform a few tricks on them. One thing that sets them apart is that they only use electric engine.

Gas Pocket Bikes

Gas pocket bikes usually weigh around 45 to 90 pounds and are not as popular as the other pocket bikes. These types are built purely for racing and are usually not equipped with the proper safety features. Because of this they are geared more towards adults and not children.

The gas pocket bikes are built using a gas powered engine. Depending on the model you get you will be able to reach speeds between 45 to 75 miles per hour. Do not expect to find features that can be seen on regular motorcycles (brake lights, reflectors, signal lights).

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