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When we go into high school our parents and teachers at pushing us to decide on a major and a career. They want us to go into business or become a doctor. In short, they want us to choose a career that will help to make us money and that is going to be easy for us to find a good job that is going to support us and our family.

Sometimes though we do not have those types of dreams. Sometimes we want to do something that we find more fun and exciting. That could mean that you will want to be an artist or it could mean that you will want to get your hands on a comedy routine and create some fun jokes that you and your family are going to love.

The first thing that you will need to do is get your supplies. You will need to get your hands on a notebook and pen and go out into the world and try to study different people and different situations. Get an idea of what type of funny personalities people might have or why politicians are so funny to make fun of.

If you can try to come up with a few one liner jokes. These are some of the easiest and they are short and to the point. If these are a little hard for you to come up with than the last thing that you will be able to do is to go by your life experiences. Try to get an idea of what happened in your life that was funny.

I live in the south and that means that my favorite thing to do is create a few good redneck jokes. These can be some of the best to have and they are great when you are able to do it right. Just make sure not to offend anyone that you are sharing them with.

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