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When we think of cancer we think about how our moms, grandfather, and friends have been diagnosed and the struggle that they each went through in the hopes that they might remove it and be able to spend more time with the people that they love. This can also be a disease that is inflicted upon our feline friends.

This particular disease will usually only attack older cats. The hardest thing is that it is that we do not yet know what causes it so that we might work hard at preventing it from coming back. If your cat has cancer there are treatments that you can use. However, some of you might prefer to use the more natural treatments that could really help. Especially if you cannot afford the medicine.


When you are trying to prevent the cancer from getting to them then try these steps. Keep an eye on what type of foods they are eating. If your vet approves it, try to feed them whole raw food. It is common to give them eighty percent meat and twenty percent non starchy vegetables.

You should also be aware of how much water they are consuming. Tap water will have a ton of chemicals, fluorine, and chlorine that not even we should be drinking. Instead give them spring water or purified water.


If they do get the disease then you need to take them to the vet. If you think it will help try to take them to someone that uses holistic methods only. They will tell you what type of immune support supplements you should give to them that will help them to fight it off.

Also when they have feline cancer you should give them antioxidants. This is also going to help to build up their immune system. One of the more unusual methods is acupuncture. While these can be helpful remember that they do not always work.

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