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Gout is the type of arthritis that results from high levels of uric acid in one’s body that form crystals in joints. Consequently, the patient will experience pain and inflammation. Most studies show that diets that are high in protein and purine cause an increase risk of gout.

Those who consume large amounts of meat are prone to experience gout than those who eat less. Those who eat a lot of seafood experience gout as well. Not all foods rich in purine increase the risk of gout. Diets that include peas, beans, spinach, mushrooms and cauliflower prove that there is no increase in the risk of gout even though they are rich in purine. Low-fat dairy products minimize the risk of gout.

Most often, obesity is associated with high levels of uric acid in the blood. People who are obese should consult health experts to decide on the best and safest program to lose weight. One who is experiencing kidney stones because of high level of uric acid should eliminate foods that are rich in purine from their daily diet. Alcohol should also be eliminated but coffee and tea can still be considered. It is best to drink at least 10-12 glasses of water or even non-alcoholic beverages everyday. This helps flush the uric acid crystals that are formed in the body.

Foods that are very high in purine include sweetbreads, yeast, herring, mussels, sardines and hearts. On the other hand, those that are moderately high in purine include mutton, anchovies, grouse, bacon, scallops, goose, trout, haddock, pheasant, kidneys and veal.

If there are foods you should avoid if you are suffering from gout, there are also foods that you must eat. The best foods to eat are cherries. Eating as much as 250 grams of cherries – canned or fresh, everyday lowers the level of uric acid in your body and prevent attacks of gout. Cherries, blue berries and other berries that dark in color are rich in anthocyanidins and other flavonoids.

If cherries are not available, you can make use of quercetin. Take 125-250 milligrams in between meals, 3 times daily. It stops the synthesis and release of prostaglandins, histamine and leukotrienes. Its actions are similar to allopurinol – a kind of drug. It is good if you take quercetin with bromelain since bromelain increases the body’s absorption of quercetin and eventually, it will break the uric acid crystals produced.

Help yourself in eating the right kinds of food, as in folling a proper gout diet. This way, you will be able to prevent yourself from suffering from gout and other diseases.

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