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Nursing is a great career field that anyone is able to go into – but it is not at all easy. You have to go through years of schooling – which is grueling, time consuming, and on the most difficult subjects. That is why some people will take things slow and start off as a certified nursing assistant.

This is a less fun job – but it is still going to help you to make good money and to have a stable job in a very unstable economy. The programs usually last between a few weeks to a year depending on how much you wish to help in the health facilities that you will be working at.

At the end of schooling you will pass the state examination and earn your state license. This is what shows future employees that you are qualified for the position and that you know what it takes to do the best job that is possible. Every few years you are going to have to know how to renew that license.

The first step to this is to sign up for the Nurses Aide Registry Renewal Form. This will ask you for personal information so that they will be able to contact you and get any other info that they might need. Make sure you let them know where you are working right now if you have been working in the past 24 months.

There might be a digital form that you will be able to fill out – but most will require you to fill out the paper form and than to mail it in to them. It could take at least two weeks for them to get it and to file it. You should be able to look online to see the status of your license.

Once they have the necessary information they will want you to retake the state examination in case there are new techniques that you should know. If you need to brush up a little than join a certified nursing assistant program that will keep you up to date on what is going on right now.

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