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Sometimes you will run across people in your life that have a very interesting outlook or a personality that you can handle. Than there are others that have such a brash personality that you cannot seem to understand where they are coming from at times or why they might act a bit crazy in the most random of moments.

This can sometimes be a sign of a much deeper psychological problem known as bipolar disorder. Bipolar – also known as manic depressive disorder or manic depression is a serious mental disorder that can cause risky behavior, it can damage a relationship, or it can even cause suicidal thoughts.

Identify The Problem

How can you spot something like this? The biggest clues into knowing is someone has this problem is to observe the way in which they behave. Often they will experience extreme mood changes. They will go from being extremely happy to being very angry for apparently no reason. They might go on massive spending sprees or be extremely confused and irritable.

People with this disorder might be triggered by certain problems in their life. It could be that they are holding onto anger from the past and the smallest thing could set them off. They could suddenly feel worthless, they could cry uncontrollably, or they might have a hard time sleeping at night.


There are several different methods that you will be able to use when trying to treat them of the disorder. Most doctors will suggest that they go on the very strong antipsychotic medications. The only problem with these is that they do have side effects – which in some people might be extremely dangerous.

Other bipolar treatments that you could try are the psychotherapy sessions. These will help the person to identify the problem that they have and to try to learn how to manage it. They will find a better way to react to the problems in their lives and how not to allow their mood to control every situation.

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