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To work in the medical field requires a great deal of discipline, smarts, and the willingness to study for long hours. Some people can handle it – but others understand the grueling work that it takes to become a nurse or a doctor. That is why they might choose instead to become a certified nursing assistant.

When you take on this position you are going to be working under any nurse in the hospital. It is not going to be the most glamorous job in the business. You will be the one to take vitals, clean beds, feed patients, and empty out the bed pans that everyone tries so hard to avoid. It is a job that has long hours and that you will be on your feet for the whole eight to twelve hours that you do work. Still it is worth it when you have a steady job and a steady paycheck.

In order to become a CNA you must enroll at the program being held in your local technical or community college. This program is usually only between eight weeks to an entire year. It all depends on the requirements that are set up in the state and the college system you will be learning from. During this time you will be taught medical terminology, how to take vitals, and the various parts of the body and how it all operates.

Once you are done with the schooling end of it all you will be required to study and to take the state examination. This is required no matter where you are living and it is what shows the various health care facilities that you are qualified to do your job. When you pass it you will receive a license to work in the state. Understand that you must have a license in each state that you plan to work in.

Along with a test there might be some institutions, health care facilities, or states that will require you to take not only an exam – but also a CNA skills test. This test is a practical one that will allow you to show what needs to be done during your job and how to perform each action. You will have to take the vitals of mock patients and show how to put together charts. This will show prospective jobs how good and how efficiently you work.

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