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There are a number of adults and children that have to deal with their own medical problems. Sometimes it is as simple as the common cold and other times it might be something more complicated, like asthma. This is an upper respiratory condition that affects the way that people are able to breathe.

Dust, allergens, or humidity might cause the airways that lead to the lungs to become obstructed and to keep people from breathing well or even catching a breath. This could be very mild or it could be so severe that they are not able to exercise for fear that they will not be able to breathe.

Most people with this problem will need to invest in an inhaler or other medications that will help to treat any attacks that they will have when they are in or even outside of the home. Your doctor will be able to find the right one for you and without any side effects. However, it might help to know of a few natural treatments that will help.

When you feel an attack coming on try to relax the bronchial muscle with lobelia. This is an herb that is very powerful and could work very fast. Just make sure that it does not cause any harmful side effects that will have the opposite effect.

Another herb that you could try is mullein oil. This is great at breaking up the congestion that has built up within your chest. It is easier to put this in your tea or juice and to take it this way.

To keep inflammation at bay you should take garlic. This can be found in alliin – a strong antibiotic that will help to suppress the enzyme that causes the inflammation in the first place. Some people prefer to use this type of asthma treatment because of how effective it is and the minimal side effects they have to deal with.

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