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The medical field is a great career to enter into and one that is going to provide you with a stable job and income. However, it is also one of the most difficult to succeed in. This is often because it requires a great deal of discipline and the subject matter is intense and difficult for some people to understand let along remember.

Nursing is often the first step when trying to get into the medical field and it can be the stepping stone to becoming a doctor. If that is your end goal than it might be best to first become a registered nurse – which is one of the highest positions a nurse can be. This is a coveted job and one that is in high demand for a number of medical facilities.

In order to become an RN you must first earn your Bachelors in Nursing Science. This is an in depth four year program and one that is very grueling. During this time of study you will learn the in and out of the human body, how it operates, and the various diseases that can afflict it.

You will also be required to do some clinical trials at a hospital during a few of the summers that you are in school. This will give you some much needed hands on experience and an insight into how the hospital runs and just how hectic and busy the life and job of a nurse can be.

The education for registered nurses is not an easy road – but it can be done. Once you have earned your BSN you will have to take the National Council Licensure Examination. This is going to be different in each state that you live in. However, it is going to prove to the state that you have what it takes to care for patients to the best of your ability.

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