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Running is a great work out to do when you are trying to lose weight or simply get into great shape. The thing about this exercise is that you are forcing your heart rate to increase and burn away the fat and calories that your body does not need to be holding onto. It is also going to help tighten the muscles in your lower body and to make them a whole lot stronger.

People who run between one to two miles every day are going to have an easy time losing weight and they will find that their legs are so much tighter than they have ever been in their life. However, in order to keep up this pace and to keep your legs and whole body from getting tired too quickly you have to understand how to keep up your energy.

That means that you will need to be eating the right foods before and after a run. During the day when you have not yet gone ready you will need to focus on eating foods that are going to keep your metabolism running and that will help to provide you with natural energy. A lot of fruits, veggies, and lean protein is going to help with this.

It is also going to be a good idea to throw in a few healthy carbs like potatoes or rice. These are going to help your body have the fuel that it will need in order to run straight for miles at a time. Otherwise you will find that you lack the strength that you need and will have to walk a part of the way.

The next thing that you are going to have to do is think about consuming energy bars at least an hour before a run. If you consume it too close to a long run than you might have stomach problems. The burst of energy that it gives you will keep your heart rate steady and allow you to run like you have never run before!

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