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When you are working in the medical field you will be working long hours almost every day and most people will not even appreciate. It is sad that people who work so hard do not always get recognized by the people that they help. However, it is still a very noble job and one that not everyone is able to do.

That is why these people, whether they be doctors or nurses, will work hard to succeed and do well in everything that they do. As an RN you will have the chance to move up in the hospital that you are working in. After a few years of understanding how everything works you will eventually graduate to the level of becoming a nurse supervisor. That is if you meet all of the nurse supervisor requirements.

Before you accept the position you should think carefully about what you are accepting yourself into. As the supervisor you will be in charge of each nurse that is in your department. This is a huge job. It means that you will be the one to keep them all in line, to give them their schedules, and to provide them with necessary advice.

It will also be your job to make sure that all of the mundane paperwork has been taken care of. In a few hospitals you might be required to perform orders for supplies or even to put together funding for parts of the hospital. We never said that you would be able to work fewer hours – but you will get paid more.

Just remember that you are going to have a lot of responsibilities placed on your shoulders. The buck will stop at you and it will be your job to hand out discipline where it is needed in order to remain control over your staff. They have to respect you so remember to respect them as well. These are just some of the most necessary nurse supervisor qualifications to know.

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