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Going into your own business requires a lot of discipline and patience. You have to be able to know what skills you can make use of and the best way you can use what you know to make decent money. This is the source of income that you will rely on and it is important to be able to find and know the best way to market yourself.

When you are a photographer the best thing that you can do is to pick up odd jobs of different kinds. This is going to help get you noticed by people and to give you a portfolio that you will be able to present to other clients. In the beginning try to use friends and family and offer them free sessions during the holidays and for birthdays.

Once you have a good collection of pictures to begin with you need to choose a large enough portfolio that it can all go inside of. It is best to choose something that is large enough to hold the laminated copies of the pictures and that will also make room for pamphlets and papers that you can give out to potential clients.

When putting the pictures in you will need to do it in order of importance. Pick out the things that you did better on and place them in the front. Also try to add in a variety of different ones. For example, it would be great to show off how you can enhance a picture, take away blemishes, and take them in black and white or sepia.

Never put in any originals. You never want to set yourself up for losing them or for someone taking them from you. Though most people are not likely to do this it is still important that you protect your investment in every way possible.

In the end you want to be able to carry around your leather photography portfolio without it being too large and bulky. The more professional it looks the more impressive it will be when you are showing off your skills to the new clients.

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