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The home is the place where we need to be the most comfortable. That is why people will spend thousands of dollars buying a home that they absolutely love. However, there are some of us who have to wait years before that dream home becomes available. By that time we have more of a desire to remodel the home our way rather than pick up our lives and move to a new place.

By that time hopefully you will be ready to redesign your master bathroom and turn it into something that you love. The one place that I had to start with in my bathroom was the shower. This is where I will get ready in the morning or try to take a bath after a hard day at work. That is why I wanted to use tiles – which are easy to clean and can really help me to create a great space.

I wanted to be unique. So I sat down and tried to draw out a design that would be fun – but not so odd that it would look a little crazy. Using both large and small tiles is a great way to combine a few different details and to really bring out a bit of the uniqueness out of the bathroom.

Another thing that had to be added into the room was a bit of color. White is not something that I like to wear nor is it a color that I design with. It is very boring and every little blemish will appear on it no matter how hard and long I try to clean it away.

Instead I focused on a neutral color like tan and combined it with a light blue and green. In that way I was able to keep it relaxing. When I was having a bit of trouble I did go to the bathroom tile pictures to see what design patterns I could use. In the end the look was amazing and it was not hard for me to do on my own.

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