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There are two days in your life that you are going to remember over all of the rest. The first is going to be the day when you get to meet your child for the first time. The second is the day when you get to marry the person that you love in front of family and friends that you care about.

For a woman this wedding day is more than just the time to celebrate. It is the one day in which they get to make all the rules and set up the entire thing to be like something out of a dream or even a movie. There are a ton of details that go into planning it all and it can cause someone to become stressed out and possibly even lose it on certain occasions. The best way to avoid that is to create a checklist.

The first thing on that list is to set the date of the wedding, know who you are going to be inviting, and printing out all of the invitations and save the date cards. You are going to want to make sure that everyone has a few months to plan to come to the event. This is especially true for anyone coming in from out of town.

The next thing on the list should be picking out a venue for the ceremony and reception, choosing the dresses, and knowing what theme you are going to use to decorate it all. This is going to take a few months so try to take your time and decide on something that you know you will be happy with.

Once you know the theme you will be able to buy the wedding organizer book and use it to keep track of the items that you need and the vendors that you will be working closely with. This will be your go to book when you need to contact someone or try to set up the seating chart. It is going to keep you sane so never lose track of where it is.

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