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Being a new mom can be daunting and a lot to handle. It is even harder when you do not have a lot of family that is near by to help you set everything up. Of course that is what the baby shower is for. That is the time to celebrate the new birth that is going to happen and get your friend something that she is going to love and that is going to be very useful.

Diaper and Wipes

The first thing that is always on my list to give to a new mom when you cannot spoil her too much is a large basket of diapers and wipes. Instead of buying in bulk try to buy a small package and place them in a pretty basket. Than you can also give them a gift certificate that they can use to buy more. Trust me when I say that this is going to come in handy for them.

Breastfeeding Pillow

If you know for sure that the new mom is going to be breastfeeding for a few months than she is going to love this gift. This is going to make her and the babies life easier. This is placed under the infant’s head to give them support they and the mother need to make those late night feedings much more comfortable. They can also be used when the baby needs to lie around and look out the window without rolling off the couch.

Diaper Genie

Sometimes moms have a hard time finding the resources to get some of the things that they would love to have so they can instead get the things that they really do need. One thing that I was blessed to be given was the diaper genie. This is a bit pricey so some moms feel bad about getting it for themselves. This is a life saver because it will hide away all those smelly diapers.

Infant Sprout Cover

This is another great invention that many moms are not even aware of. The infant sprout cover goes over the car seat and protects them from the harsh sunlight, wind, and rain. When you are carrying your child all around in the car seat this will protect them. It drapes over the whole seat without covering up their faces. This is a definite gift that will last for many kids and many years.

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