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Kids love to have fun and they love to get new things. I know that my own daughter would get excited by a simple box like she would with any new toy that I would bring to her. The great thing about kids is that they will love almost anything that you do with them and what better way to have fun than to bond over doing crafts!

Most parents – especially moms – will find some type of crafty thing that they will be able to do well. However, there are some of us who have to work hard at learning what to do. One thing that is easy enough to do with your kids is to create something fun and that they will be able to hang up in their room. Let’s start by making a picture board.

What you will need is a large cork board that you will be able to get from Wal Mart or Target. These do not have to cost you a lot of money and will be big enough to make great use of it. Next you will want to pick out some lightweight material that is bright and colorful. Choose something that your son or daughter loves – but that has no design.

Cut the material to match the size of the cork board and leave extra around the edges. You want to hem it and leave a small space in the middle. You are going to run thick rope through the edges of it and secure this material around the cork board. That way it is covering it all and is snug around it.

Now you want to pick out some thick ribbon that will match the color of the material around the board – but is a lighter or darker shade. Have it wrap around the board in a fun design that the kids will love. Only do two or three strips and secure it with glue in the back. Hang it on the walls and place Velcro hook and dots on the surface that the kids will use to secure photographs to it.

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