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Chiropractors are quickly gaining in popularity due to their alternative methods of health care. They believe that every problem that you experience is caused by the misalignment in the spine. That is why they will use various tools and instruments that will help to align everything in the body and help to relieve the pain and the problems that the patient is experiencing.

Before you go to have treatments done it helps to know what to expect or at least to understand the various tools that they are going to be using. Even when you are there you should ask them to explain the various techniques that they are using so that you know everything that is being done to you.

X-Ray Machine

It is not uncommon for the chiropractor to take x-rays before they try to do anything to your spine. They want to see what type of problems you have and they also want to make sure that there is nothing too serious. Some patients have learned that they have a slipped disk, misaligned hips, or even a degenerative disc in the spine because of these x-rays.


This is one of the most common tools that is used by the doctor. It is a hand held tool that has a rubber tip to it. They will place the tip on the pressure of the smaller areas on the patient’s body. This will help to treat problems in patients that have fragile bones. These are more commonly used on infants and the elderly.


The chiropractic massage table is another thing that you will always find in the office. This will allow the patient to lie down comfortably while the doctor tries to adjust the spine and align everything the way that it should be. They will also have you grab hold of these tables to help stabilize yourself while they do some of their more dramatic alignments that might send you reeling.

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