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When it comes to your wedding you want to make sure that every detail is perfect and that you are going to be able to have everything in order. This means that the flowers have to be delivered on time, the dress has to fit, and the food has to taste delicious. There are a ton of details to figure out and many brides will become overly stressed by it all and become a Bridezilla.

This means that they are so high strung that they are yelling at everyone and everything that they come into contact with them. I have seen some brides go over the deep end and literally slam the wedding cake with their hands because they felt it wasn’t the one that they wanted.

In order to avoid this problem and to keep from being stressed out you need to give yourself plenty of time to plan and prepare for the whole ordeal. Trying to put together a wedding in a month is never a good idea. Instead give yourself at least six months if not a whole year.

When trying to make decisions make sure to take criticism from friends. They will help to give you some advice on how to save money or how to make the design a little bit better than it already is. Remember to keep your friends happy because they are the ones that will be helping you to decorate and get everything all prepared for the big day.

The husband to be is important so do not be excluding him. When you are trying to come up with ideas take his advice in some things. Use the themed wedding centerpiece ideas that he came up with and remember that this is his day also. That is what you really need to focus on the most.

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