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The good thing about having a basement is that you will have the ability to turn it into any type of room that you have been wanting to have. This can be a place to store extra boxes and furniture or you can use it as a space to put the pool table and all of your gaming systems.

No matter what you might use this room for it is important that you make sure it has enough work done on it to keep the cold and damp climate from getting in the way. These are essentially built under the ground and because of this they have a tendency to allow cold air to seep through and sometimes this will cause condensation. In other cases it will also allow water from outside to seep through.

These problems are so common in basement because these are not built with the right type of insulation. Either it is too thin or it is not all over the necessary area. While the walls might have a certain amount of this substance the floors often do not have any.

Before laying down the ground work for the insulation you will need to inspect the entire area for leaks. You will need to seal any that you have found and lay down a heavy duty concrete sealer over the entire space. Make sure to clean the floor of dust and debris before you do this.

The next thing that you will need to do is to build a raised floor. Buy pressured treated lumber 2×4’s and lay the flat side down onto the floor. These are called the sleepers. Make sure they are set around the entire perimeter and secure them to the floor with masonry screws every couple of feet.

Next, lay down more sleepers every 16” on the center going from one wall to the next in the same direction. You want it to look like a neat grid. Make sure the that you toe nail the ends of the wood into the rim pieces that you have already installed. Insert blocking every couple of feet between the sleepers in the opposite directions that they are going in.

Now you are ready to lay down the insulation that you have decided to go with. It is often easiest to use a type of basement insulation known as rigid foam. Place this in between the sleepers and make sure it is 1 – ½” deep. Cut off the excess. Install a ¾: tongue and groove plywood over the sleepers and secure them using galvanized 2” wood screws.

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