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When spring arrives there are a number of things that we begin to look forward to. We love the fresh air, the warm weather, and the beautiful flowers that are starting to bloom. The one thing that we do not look forward to are the dreaded allergies and sinus infections that try to keep us inside of the home.

The sinus infection is the worst to have to deal with because it will make our noses and heads feel so stuffy and highly uncomfortable. So what are we to do? The most common thing would be to run to the nearest store and pick up dozens of different medicines or get some prescription medicines that will help to take care of the symptoms.

This will help some of us – but when we use these we run the risk of our bodies adapting to all that we are taking. This will cause them to stop working and than what are we going to do? When that happens you need to find an alternative method to making yourself feel better so that you can enjoy life.

The first thing that you really should be trying is to stick your head over some steam. Boil up some water and put it in a bowl. Now place your head over that bowl and cover it with a towel. It is going to get hot very quick – but the steam will break up the mucous and help to relieve some of that pressure.

For some added relief you should try to add in some type of homeopathic oils. These will help you to sleep and feel more relaxed. It also makes the steam at least a little bit more bearable and easy to handle.

If this is not enough than you need to try a sinus irrigation system. This is a great way to treat a sinus infection. All you have to do is mix up the ingredients that it comes with and than pour it into the pot. You will than use this water mixture and pour it into your nose. This is also a great way to flush out the sinuses. Just don’t do it too often.

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