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As a women we think that we have everything under control and that we know a lot more than what most people will give us credit for. Still there is one thing that often is hard for us to try to figure out. One thing in particular is knowing what to get that man in our life for his birthday or how to make it all fun for him.

They are not like women in that they would love to go shopping for a day or have a massage and a manicure. They are men and they want to be able to bring that silly and down to earth side into play every once in awhile. With us being around them all the time it is not always an easy thing to do.

For the boyfriend why not give him a guys weekend. Get a bunch of his guy friends together and have them take him out to the woods to go camping. If that is not his style than simply take him to a neighboring city where they can watch movies, play pool, and drink beer.

When you are married this is not always an easy thing to be able to do. You want to be able to celebrate this milestone with the kids and as a family. Instead why not treat dad to a day in which he can pick the shows that everyone watches. Cook the meal that he wants to have, bring him breakfast in bed, and don’t let him lift a finger. Men love this!

When it comes to your dad why not simply throw him a party with his close friends and family. They do not always wanted to be reminded that they are another year older so try to make it fun. Have it at his favorite restaurant or maybe host it at your home where it can be more personal and easier to mingle.

Another idea that you could do is to give your dad some fun gear and a fun fishing shirt and help him to get away for a little bit. Maybe he will want to go somewhere with his wife or on his own or even with his buddies. Have him decide and he will really love you for it.

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