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The bathroom is one of the most popular rooms that we use in the home. It is also one of the smallest. That is why, when people have the desire to change up the home and remodel it, they will start in this room. It is easiest to start in a room that is easy to work with and is not going to take you months to accomplish.

There are so many things that you will be able to change – but sometimes we have set up such a strict budget for ourselves that we can only do something a bit smaller than what we might have imagined. One of the best things that you could really change up without having to spend thousands of dollars is the floor.

It is time to rip out the cheap linoleum that is already starting to come undone on its own. Instead you should seriously think about replacing it with tile. This is a hard material that works great in a room that gets a lot of moisture on a daily basis. This is commonly used in showers and next to bathtubs so it would be ideal for the floor.

What you need to do is go to the home improvement store and look at the different shapes, styles, and sizes that you will have to choose from. You could use different colors and create designs all over the expanse of the floor. Some people prefer to do something like this because it is unique. Just know that it can be easy to mess it up when you are installing it.

Sometimes all you need when it comes to the bathroom floor tile design is something that is quite simple. Why not just choose one or two colors and than alternate them all over the floor? This does not cost a great deal and will save you hours of drawing out the design and bringing it to life.

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