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Your home is the one place where you should feel most comfortable and where you should always make sure is suitable for you and your family to be able to live inside of. That is why you need to spend good money on getting a decent AC unit that will not waste your money and a bathroom exhaust fan that will help to keep mold and mildew from trying to grow.

Most of us never seem to notice the fact that the bathroom might not have one of these fans until we begin to see the first traces of mold growing along the showers or the walls. This is often caused by the amount of moisture that is created when you are taking a shower. The fan is used to suck up the steam and moisture that is left in the air and to remove it as quick as possible.

If you do not already have one than this is the time to go to the store and pick one out. Try to get the dimensions of the bathroom so that you will get one that will be powerful – but not too large that it will waste energy. Make sure that it is easy to install and that it will get the job done.

Before you install the unit you need to turn off the power in the bathroom or at least to the fixture that you will be installing it into. When that has been done you will be able to remove the light fixture.

Make a template of the size and shape of the fan and trace this onto the ceiling or wall using a pencil. You only have to do this if your bathroom does not already have a preexisting fan.

Use a tool to cut the dimensions into the wall or ceiling and be very accurate. Make sure someone is behind you holding a flashlight so that you can see. When the hole has been made you need to connect the ductwork to the housing of the fan and into the wall. This will make it possible for you to connect the housing into the wall with fasteners.

Cover the Panasonic bathroom exhaust fan with the grill that it came with. Once you are finished you can turn the power back on and see if it is working.

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