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It is always important for people to have some form of health insurance that they will be able to rely on. That way if they have certain and very serious medical problems come up they will have a way to handle the many bills that will come their way. The one thing that is often hard though is trying to find a plan that they will be able to afford.

The problem with insurance is that it is getting more and more expensive every day. People who have a family will often have to spend $800 a month in order to get the kind of co pay and deductible that will benefit them. The hard part about this is that they cannot always afford something such as this. So what are they to do?

Many people will go without because they cannot afford it and their job does not offer it. The next best thing to look into when something comes up and you really need help is Medicaid. This is a government funding health insurance coverage that you do not have to pay for in anyway.

The great thing about this is that it will help single mothers who are having a baby or parents who simply make little to nothing and cannot provide their kids with the right type of health coverage. They will be given a card that is specific to them and will allow them to see the doctor or get medicine without having to pay anything.

In order to apply for this you need to go to your local health department and fill out an application. Make sure to bring proof of address, identification, proof of income, and anything else that they might need. Be up front and honest about how much you have to pay each week and how many kids you have.

They will examine the details and decide if you are eligible for this form of coverage. Understand that it could take them a few weeks to look over your Medicaid application and to than have it approved. The guidelines change for each state so it is always good to try even if you think you will not qualify.

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